CDVI A470 Expansion module

Κεντρική μονάδα Centaur CT_V900
Central unit Centaur CT_V900
April 27, 2016
Μονάδα ελεγχου ανελκυστήρα CA- A480
CDVI Elevator controller
April 27, 2016
Επέκταση ελέγχου 2 θυρών CA-A470

Επέκταση ελέγχου 2 θυρών CA-A470

  • 2 card readers and/or keypads.
  • 2 lock outputs, 4 Inputs (door contacts and REX devices).
  • Adds 2 doors to the CT-V900-A.
  • Up to 3 CA-A470-A modules add-ons per CT-V900-A.
  • 6 card reader outputs (Red/Green LEDs, Buzzer).
  • E-Bus connectivity to the CT-V900-A up to 1220m distance.
  • Supports Wiegand, Magnetic Stripe Track II ABA, BCD keypad formats.
  • Integrated LED status indicators.