CDVI Elevator controller

Επέκταση ελέγχου 2 θυρών CA-A470
CDVI A470 Expansion module
April 27, 2016
Μονάδα αναφοράς ορόφων ανελκυστήρα CA-A482
CDVI Α482 Elevator Destination (Floor) Reporting Module
April 27, 2016
Μονάδα ελεγχου ανελκυστήρα CA- A480

Μονάδα ελεγχου ανελκυστήρα CA- A480

    16 on-board floor control relays.

    • Fire control input.
    • Control up to 64 floors and 2 elevator cabs
    • Destination reporting (requires CA-A482-P Destination Reporting Module)
    • Connects directly to the RS-485 E-BUS
    • Backup battery with selectable battery charge current.
    • Individual schedules per floor with on-board 12Vdc power supply
    • Fully supervised with comprehensive LED display