Digital recorder 4-16 cameras

Special anoxidoti steel casing tight camera body
April 27, 2016
Κεντρική μονάδα Centaur CT_V900
Central unit Centaur CT_V900
April 27, 2016

Ψηφιακό καταγραφικό 4 έως 16 καμερών

    This device is the newest technology achievement in image recording. Recording is done on a hard drive using computer technology. There are simple recorders with simple image resolution CIF 352CH288 up to D1 720X576 and High Definition recorders with recording speed from 6 frames/sec to real time 25 frames/sec.

    Digital recorders are divided into two categories: Autonomous (stand) alone and digital recording cards. Also, there are recorders for 4-8-16 and 32 cameras. Their advantages are the following:

    • Secure and long recording duration.
    • No maintenance.
    • Digital images and printing.
    • Immediate images retrieval, by date, time, camera, event, etc.
    • Simultaneous live display, recording, transfer over a local network or the Internet.
    • Saving files on hard disk, USB, and DVD RW.
    • Digital zoom-in on live images or recording.
    • Managing speed dome cameras.
    • Additional outputs for alarms or events.
    • Operation via remote control, local network or Internet.
    • Monitoring live images or recordings on a computer or new generation mobile phone.