There is no compromise when it comes to protecting your home or business. SeeTrue ™ technology provides the capability to detect any movement, even completely masked intruders. The NVX80 detector achieves absolute detection where most PIR detectors fail.

  • The SeeTrue™ technology significantly improves the detection response of infrared and microwave (MW) detectors, reducing the most of false alarms.
  • IR-Antimask feature recognizes objects directly breaching the detector main lens and blocking the detector at a 30 cm distance.
  • 8 channels of detection:
    • 2x dual infrared detectors for forward area scanning.
    • 1x dual infrared detector for vertical scanning.
    • 1x 2-outputs microwave (MW) detector.
  • The microwave detector (MW Anti-mask) detects motion within close range (0.75 m – 2 m).
  • The combination of infrared detectors allows adjusting the detector as pet immunity, preventing detection of pets weighing between 10 and 20kg.
  • 3rd generation technology to detect and reject false alarms.
  • 15m x 15m detection pattern.
  • 3m x 3m vertical zone protection.
  • Easy installation.
  • Features an innovative color OLED display with 4 buttons for quick and easy adjustment of the detector.
  • Full Control: Separately for infrared, microwaves and anti-mask. SoloTest™ for easy field test (Walk Test).
  • Three adjustable relay outputs, which can communicate with the Digiplex EVO control panel bus.
  • Sleek detector, quality construction and durable in any environment.
  • EN 50131 Grade 3, Environmental Class IV (Outdoor).