This category includes special detectors. Glass break detector is ideal device for protecting windows, showcases etc. Detects the sound of breaking effort, breakage or even scratching and activates the alarm system. Temperature detector at 60 or 90°C can detect the increase or decrease of preset temperature limit, due to a fire in places where no smoke detector can be mounted, due to malfunctioning cooling or heating equipment or other related cause. Many times the unseen is the most dangerous. Gas detectors for methane, propane, butane, natural gas, carbon monoxide, etc. successfully deal with this hazard. Required in all places where such gases are used and there is a danger of leakage, poisoning, explosion. Humidity detector is ideal in any place where we are interested in increasing the level of humidity, such as in underground spaces, cooling areas, greenhouses, fruits and vegetables packaging facilities, etc. Flood, caused by inflow of rainwater, broken water supply network or sewer leakage, is a frequent disaster, which can be controlled if a flood detector is connected to the alarm system of the site. The latest development in detection technology is acceleration detector. It traps any object and controls its speed and movement on the three X Y Z axes. Safes, one of the first targets of burglars may be armed with their own detector, which will protect them from burglary actions.


Mounted on all likely for intrusion opening points like doors, windows, shutters, blinds, etc.
Protects you during your stay in the protected area and works as a pre – alarm when are people no present. When activated , a signal is sent to the alarm control panel for the intrusion and its zone.
There are simple outdoor magnetic, embedded and heavy duty aluminum contacts for special applications such as gates, industrial shutters etc.
Available in three colors – white , gray and brown.