Recently, image as a means for protecting lives and property, represents the sector with the highest growth in our industry. Installing a surveillance system, digital recording and image transfer, in residential, business and even in public spaces is now considered particularly necessary.

Since 1996, Sensor Security installs hi-tech cameras covering even the most demanding customer needs. Due to its long experience, our company has contributed so far to prevent many criminal actions.

The categories of cameras are: body, dome, anti-vandalism, waterproof – infrared and high speed rotating (speed dome).

Additionally, they all also have network versions for use directly on the Internet or a computer network. They are also divided into black and white or color, with low or high-resolution and infrared for recording in complete darkness.

Recently, the technology that has developed is night ultra-high definition, without infrared lighting, moonlight version, providing crystal clear images using for example starlight.