Developing an Operations Centre was since the beginning in 1996 of first priority for Sensor Security.


So we created a 24-hour Central Station which fulfills all the necessary elements for the seamless operation and excellent support for our customers, including:

  • Latest generation American receivers Osborne – Hoffman for receiving and processing signals.
  • Full IT department with FROUROS II software specially, designed for the specific application and HP servers in cluster mode, for rapid signal processing as well as for the uninterrupted operation of the Centre.
  • UPS systems and electric generator for continuous and trouble-free operation of the entire Centre.
  • Integrated security, fire protection, CCTV and access control system for plant safety with shielded access.
  • Licensed VHF radio network, for direct communication with the patrol vehicles of the company.


Sensor Security has also implemented, apart from receiving signals via conventional telephone cable connections, new high security technologies including:

  • Receiving signals via ADSL, 3G voice, 3G GPRS and Satellite network connections.
  • Receiving signals via VHF/UHF network, for certain areas only.
  • Ultra – high security connections, with communication check at every 30 seconds.



Sensor Security, by always staying close to the market needs and predicting future needs, has added the following to its existing services:

  • Image Download and Storage Service via stationary, wireless 3G and Satellite networks, to confirm the incident or/and continuous control. Images are monitored by our Center and recorded in customer’s digital recorder in case of an alarm, and may also be recorded in a special server of our Operations Centre. This feature ensures the customer records in case of theft, destruction of the digital recorder during burglary or sabotage.
  • Voice Transfer Service to the protected area via stationary, wireless 3G and Satellite networks, for preventing threats. With this new service, the operator of the Operations Centre can yell at the offender, so that the latter flees. Process is activated upon receiving an intrusion signal from the protected area secure confirmation of invasion from cameras system. Then, the public address system (loudspeakers) of the customer is also activated.
  • Escort Service, through camera “custody” when a person approaches a protected area and there is a danger to be directly attacked. This is achieved with the use of cameras which are positioned into the person’s vehicle or at the customer premises.

All this technology certainly has no value without the human factor. That’s why Sensor Security has recruited for its most important sector highly trained personnel with years of experience, completely reliable, who is able to act quickly, calmly and with absolute professional integrity, protecting life and property.

ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΙΣΕΩΝ Αποστολή σημάτων χωρίς χρέωση
ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΙΣΕΩΝ Αποστολή σημάτων χωρίς χρέωση
ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΙΣΕΩΝ Μεταφορά φωνής στον φυλλασόμενο χώρο
ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΙΣΕΩΝ Μεταφορά φωνής στον φυλλασόμενο χώρο
ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΙΣΕΩΝ Μεταφορά και αποθήκευση εικόνας
ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΙΣΕΩΝ Μεταφορά και αποθήκευση εικόνας