Sensor Security has manned patrol vehicles to intervene immediately in case of alarm. As soon as our Company’s Signal and Image Receiving Center receives an alarm signal, it informs the patrol crew for which sensor gave the alarm and at what point of the protected area is located. The vehicle without any delay hastens to the protected area by activating the beacons. Arriving there, the crew checks carefully for any burglary, theft, etc., and inform the Central Station. The Central Station in turn informs the customer and the competent authorities, if necessary. Making sure that the area is safe, the patrol retreats.

Immediate Intervention vehicles are fully equipped and manned by uniformed licensed security personnel and controlled by Sensor Security’s Operations Centre via VHF radio. Each Immediate Intervention vehicle is equipped with advanced geographical positioning system (GPS).


Sensor Security undertakes surveillance and protection with manned patrol vehicles of houses , buildings , malls , factories , construction sites and any facility, as well as in neighborhoods or remote villages and settlements. Patrol vehicles are manned by uniformed licensed security personnel, who are in communication with the Operations Centre.

Equipped with rotating beacons, VHF radio device, colors and signs of our company, patrol vehicles are always ready to complete any mission. They are equipped with geographical positioning system (GPS), for fast and efficient movement towards the point of intervention.

The entire route, drivers’ and offenders’ behavior, are recorded by the CCTV system installed on the vehicles. Guards on these vehicles perform patrolling at the agreed points and direct intervention in your area in case of emergency, following a command from the Receiving Alarm Signals Central Station alarm monitoring.

Sensor Security patrol vehicles perform continuous patrols from 22:00 to 6:00, every day of the year, conducting preventive control with alternative route each time, having the sole purpose of preventing any danger. They conduct outdoors investigation of the monitored area to find indications of danger, burglary or damage. They immediately inform the Company’s Central Station, in any case of identifying such indications.


Sensor Security has highly trained security personnel, licensed by the Ministry of Citizen Protection in order to protect any property, as well as areas containing valuables such as archaeological sites, photovoltaic parks, sports facilities, marinas etc. We also cover any event, concert, sports event, according to the requirements of the organizer. Our personnel have extensive experience and knowledge to advise you on the best guarding of your site.

Company’s Priority, other than the full guarding of the site, is also effective traffic control, facilitating the access of workers and visitors and maintaining the smooth flow at entry and exit.

The site safely requirements are analyzed in detail by Sensor Security and the proposed security plan meets any likely danger scenario.

Personnel are trained on the basis of each site requirements. Familiarization with the environment and the activities of each customer is considered very important.

The safety plan covers:

    • perimeter security
    • entry control
    • exit control
    • operational security planning (general)

Our Company’s personnel are continuously being trained in the following:

  • Dealing with situations in case of burglary and armed robbery and tackling would-be burglars.
  • Risk Analysis
  • Basic principles of personal safety
  • Avoiding engagement
  • Identification of improvised explosive devices (IED)
  • Basic principles of passenger control.
  • Avoid routine at work.
  • Entry control in Industrial Facilities
  • Checks for Explosives
  • Practical First Aid
  • Unarmed combat and self-defense techniques
  • Avoiding and preventing aggressive behavior
  • VIP residence Security Planning
  • Workplace Security Planning
  • Route Planning and sensitive route points
  • Responsibilities and legal framework of guards’ competence.
  • Responding to fire and panic according to a particular plan and scenarios and use of firefighting equipment.
  • Confidential information protection.
  • Communications and radio communication codes.
  • Use of modern electronic instruments ( cameras – security systems )
  • VIPs guarding
  • Exhibition and concert security services
  • Hotel security services
  • Vehicle Entry and Exit Tactics
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Σημείο ελέγχου αποθήκη
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Σημείο ελέγχου επεξεργασία νερού
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