Ensuring the quality of planning, installation and subsequent technical support are extremely important areas for Sensor Security. Professional  planning of integrated security systems makes Sensor Security one of the most reliable companies in the industry.


By completely identifying customer’s needs, we can satisfy them completely. We monitor the latest news in security technology on a daily basis.
Our effort is always our customer paying exactly for what he buys. Right choice of equipment and optional proposals are always available to cover in the best possible way the customer’s security needs.

Purpose of the planner is to identify the customer’s and site needs and to cooperate with the customer for the selection of the optimal security solution.
We also give priority in selecting solutions as simple and understandable as possible, without reducing the level of security, so the customer does not have to be an expert to use the system. Solutions are always adjusted to the exact needs in order to avoid unduly high expensive for security.


Installation as the second stage in the completion of a security solution requires proper planning, careful selection of equipment , excellent technical personnel, excellent coordination and cooperation with the customer.
Sensor Security has well trained technical personnel of higher technical education, licensed for security systems installation, able to deal with any kind of security system installation. The management of the company takes care of their continuing training and updating in order to form the pillar of the installations field.
Throughout the installation process, there is continuous monitoring of the work by the Technical Services Department to ensure the installation requirements for the correct operation of the whole project.
At the end of the installation, and after detailed testing and control, the security system is delivered to the customer after a thorough training in use. Sensor Security takes care that our customer to acquire the security system that exactly fits his actual needs.



One of the most important issues after completing any installation, is that of support. The reliability of an installation company is shown exactly there.
The need for immediate response to any customer’s technical problem, even in hours and days outside the statutory working hours, is something that Sensor Security successfully deals with from the first day of its operations.
We offer to our customers and maintenance solutions, covered by Maintenance Contracts, which are being adapted perfectly to the individual maintenance case. This way, the customer has full and detailed picture for the maintenance of his security systems, being sure that they will operate on full alert at any time needed.